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Garcinia Cambogia; Your Questions Answered!

As an ordinary consumer who has read too many horror stories and wants to check out the safety of what she puts into her digestive system, I decided to look on the Internet for some answers. In this article I give you my findings from a few different websites. I’ve also given you the links so you can look for yourself. In a future article, I’ll look at further research findings.

There was quite a bit of medical jargon that I’ve ‘translated’ to make the information easier to follow.

What Is Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract (HCA)?

HCA stands for hydroxycitric acid, which is extracted from the rind of the garcineacambogia fruit and used in dietary supplements to suppress appetite and burn fat. See my review article for more about the fruit itself.

Why is it now considered such a breakthrough? (eg Dr Oz in his popular TV program referred to garciniacambogia as ‘the holy grail of weight loss’.

It’s been around for a while and checks out

The website, Grandma’s Herbs, http://articles.grandmasherbs.com/articles/Product-Articles/Garcinia-Cambogia-213.html, – which incidentally has one of the clearest explanations I have read as to how HCA works – tells us that in traditional Indian medicine, garciniacambogia was prescribed for edema, delayed menstruation, constipation and intestinal parasites.

I checked this information out on the Ayrvedic site, http://www.la-medicca.com/raw-herbs-garcinia-cambogia.html, La-Medicca. Here I found the further interesting tidbits that in its dried state, garciniacambogia was used as an article of commerce (in other words, to trade with instead of money); the Bombay army in the eighteenth century used it to prevent scurvy (a rather horrible disease, fortunately now pretty rare, caused by lack of Vitamin C. One of the symptoms can be edema, swelling of the body. You can read more about scurvy in Medical News Today http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/155758.php.); and a decoction (an extraction of the fruit made by boiling it in water) can be given for rheumatism and bowel complaints.

Apart from these medical uses, La-Medicca confirmed the better known information that it is one of the main ingredients of South Indian food preparation and also used, along with salt, in curing fish.

La-Medicca also cites the following references.

  1. Singh, R. P. et. al., 1995, Biological Memories, Vol.21(1), pp. 27-33.
    2. Tetrahedron Lett. 1980, 21, pp.1975.
    3. Sullivan, A. C. et. al., Lipids, Vol. 9(2), pp. 121-128 and Ebid. pp. 129-134.
    4. Ramos, R.R. et. al., 1996, Garcinia cambogia in the control of obesity (in Spanish), Invest. Med. Intern. Vol. 22, pp. 97-100; Firenzuoli F and Gori, L., 1999, JAMA, 1999, Vol. 21(3), pp. 234.

What The Research Studies Referenced Above Tell Us

  • From Singh (1.above) we learn that the fruit contains 30% hydroxy citric acid (HCA).
  • From Sullivan’s research (3. above) we learn that when rats were given HCA, they showed a significant reduction in weight and appetite.
  • From the researches of both Ramos and Firenzuoli published in different journals (4. above), Spanish clinical studies of overweight people, we learn that garciniacambogia was indicated to be ‘a potent anti-obesity agent’.

So what?

What can we conclude from these cited research findings?

The history of the use of the garciniacambogia fruit in India both in regular food preparation and as a prophylactic (preventive measure) and medical remedy indicates that over several centuries, its benefits to humans have been well recognized and confirmed.

We can conclude that garciniacambogia fruit extract can be regarded as a safe supplement that assists with appetite control and accelerates weight loss.


Of course, as applies to every supplement, we must always use common sense. In other words:

Use according to the manufacturer’s directions and do not exceed the stated dose unless you are following the advice of a trusted qualified health professional who knows your history.

Do not take the extract if you are pregnant or nursing. It is one thing to use a fruit as part of a normal cooking process but very different to take a concentrated extract of that fruit when you are pregnant or nursing.

With these provisos plus the proviso that the preparation you take is manufactured under strictly supervised health and safety conditions, for example, such that warrant the GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) seal of approval, you can safely take garciniacambogia fruit extract to help suppress your appetite and enable you to lose weight.

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A final word

My suggestion would be to take it for a couple of months following the directions carefully. Keep a health diary during that time. Record how hungry you feel before a meal and notice and record at what point of eating you start to feel full. Also record your energy levels at different times of the day. Many people find that their energy levels improve as they lose weight. That makes sense because there is not so much weight to carry around. Imagine if you were carrying a heavy shopping bag around all day!

Remember, losing weight is worthwhile because of the health benefits that result.

To start experiencing the benefits for yourself, follow this link: https://melanotanza.co.za/products/garcinia-cambogia

Ideas and tips for the small balcony

The balcony, though small, may be your secret shelter in the big and noisy city. The fact is, however, that the small balcony is difficult to decorate because of the limited space. Here are some useful ideas and tips.

Design for the small balcony

The most important thing about having a small balcony is to have a clear idea of what you expect from this place – whether it be a shelter for relaxing and reading books, or a beautiful garden with blooming plants, and perhaps the perfect open-air kitchen for lovers of culinary delights. This makes it easier to choose a focal point around which to arrange the space on the small balcony.

When answering these questions, go to other important points in the project – what style should the small balcony (maritime, eco, modernist, minimalist) and what budget you have. Also important are factors such as whether the balcony is fully open, enclosed with two walls or fully glazed, or what is its shape (elongated and narrow or short and wide). The purpose of the project is to see how you can make the most of the space on the small balcony, so when you rest on it, do not catch claustrophobia.

The colors of the small balcony

The colors of the small balcony are determined by the effect you are looking for. Most people prefer bright and fresh summer colors (yellow, cyclamen, turquoise, purple) because they create a mood. Others who want to turn the small balcony into a secluded place and are supporters of the eco style, rely on earth colors and shades of green. If the balcony has become a paradise garden, bet on the romantic combination of white and pink.

Small balcony furniture

When furnishing the small balcony, think about functionality first. If you have a longer and narrow balcony, choose a chest bench and cover it with soft decorative pillows. For the same shape of the balcony you can also use a lounge if your goal is to create a relaxing place to gather tan.

For the even smaller balcony, select a folding table to mount on the wall, with two folding chairs. So at the same time you have a place to sit comfortably, and leave space when you want to swirl in the balcony garden. If your balcony is surrounded by two walls, then use one to mount shelves or to place a bookshelf to hold flowers, boxes, magazines, tools, and the like.

Garden on the small balcony

Most people use the small balcony to arrange a beautiful garden. The most important rule is not to buy flowers at one time. Fill the balcony garden gradually so that you do not clutter it with plants so that space can not be used. To be cheerful, buy pots of different shape, color, size – diversity is a valuable ally in the decor of the small balcony.

Organize your site in several ways. Use the railing for the chests and the edges of the hanging baskets. Flower shops are a plus because they help you easily arrange the garden. Some prefer traditional models, while others prefer non-standard solutions such as a shoe cabinet whose falling compartments are turned into a cozy home for spices or flowers.

After creating the perfect arrangement on your balcony, take care to refresh the atmosphere in your home. A basic cleaning will be good for you and for the whole family. Do not worry, you do not have to spend your weekend cleaning. The agency for regular cleaning Royal Tunbridge Wells will do it for you on the bes way.

Choosing the Right Scope Mounts for your Vortex Rifle Scope

This article provides useful info about Vortex Rifle Scope Mounts available on the web. Here you’ll find various Vortex Rifle Scope Mounts and suppliers that will help you in choosing the best choice.

One of the most important items when buying a rifle scope are the scope mounts. The Vortex Rifle Scope Mounts are the pieces of hardware that attach your Vortex scope to your rifle. With the wrong scope mounts you will either not be able to mount your scope or your scope will not seat properly on your rifle. None of these things is what you want after you spend a small fortune on your Rifle scope!

Finding the right rifle scope mounts for your Vortex Optics rifle scope can be tricky especially when you don’t know what you need. To avoid any frustration try to purchase your rifle scope and rings together.

Remember without a correct mounting system even the highest quality scope and rifles become useless.

Try to look for a mounting system that is rugged and dependable like these from vortex optics. Without the proper mounting system you can miss your target, not to mention the money on all of that wasted ammunition.

When you miss easy targets because you don’t install the mounting system right can take all of the fun out of shooting. When these aren’t installed correctly you can damage your Vortex optics and your receivers and bolts!

My personal opinion is to have a professional install the mount to avoid the aggravation of possibly installing it wring. Try to pick a mounting system that has very few parts; remember fewer parts mean fewer things can go wrong.


Some Solid Steel Vortex Optics Rifle Scope Mounts

Solid steel mounts are popular because they are the strongest but aluminium mounting systems are also very good. Keep in mind See through rifle scope rings are very weak and one tiny bump can change the point of impact. If you have a good VortexOptics scope you should never have to use your iron sights! Take great care in choosing your mount and installation process whether it is professional or by yourself.

There are many different types of mounting systems of mounts to choose from like the weaver style, Redfield, dual dovetails and even clamp-on. I would suggest researching each style and see which fits you and your rifle.

Each style is unique and has different characteristics that may benefit your personal style more. Also research the rings. These come in all sorts of sizes as well. Each size has an appropriate gun assigned for instance 20mm rifle scopes usually use a low ring but sometimes they can use a super low ring depending on the bolt clearance of the mounts.

All in all, the best Vortex Scope mount is a tough decision based on many factors. Your perfect rifle scope mounts depends on your goals  for your personal  scope mounts needs. In my opinion, I highly recommend the rifle scope mounts from Vortex Optics as these are extremely solid Rifle scope mounts on average.

The urban transport in Varna, Bulgaria

The urban transport in Varna, Bulgaria

More than 30 million BGN could lose Varna because of gaps in the project “Integrated urban transport”

Incompetence unacceptable gaps and multiple violations of work on the documents for the financing of the second phase of the project “Integrated urban transport in Varna” have noted experts from the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works. This is clear from a letter to the local administration, signed by Deputy Minister Denitsa Nikolova.

The project envisages the purchase of 15 new buses for urban transport in Varna, expansion and repair of roads, construction of 25 “smart” crosswalks, a system for counting traffic and upgrade existing – for real-time information about bus traffic in the city. The value of the project exceeds 30 million BGN.

If the mistakes made by the local administration, are not eliminated by the end of the year, funding may be lost warn of the Regional Ministry.

According the letter of Denitsa Nikolova to the chief secretary to the municipality of Varna Nora Momcheva, sent on December 9 this year, the documentation for the request of free financing the project is incomplete, repeatedly violated rules of operation of the municipal evaluation commission and  important documents are filed negligent .

Other than the observations reflected in the letter are the unacceptable disregard for the mandatory rules for project evaluation. For example, in control documents for verification of potential double funding, it noted that some of the activities overlap with already implemented in other similar projects. The check done by the ministry showed that no such overlap.

The observed substantial differences of the project proposal guidelines to request funding should it be returned for corrections and re-evaluation says Deputy Minister Nikolova to Varna Municipality. Her letter contains the warning that in case of repeated detection of the identified significant deficiencies and violations “Managing Authority of Operational Program” Regional Development “may refuse to grant for the second phase of the project” Integrated urban transport in Varna “.

Notwithstanding the repeated extension of the project, however so far not work either vending tickets nor the system, which must inform the bus traffic in real time. Anyway, the project was reported as completed as the managing authority – the Ministry of Regional Development and the Committee on Transport in Varna Municipal Council.

It seems that public transport is not the most convenient mode of transport in the sea capital Varna. If you are planning a vacation in this city find a different way for Varna transfer. There are transport companies providing transfer services from and to the airport, taxis, rent a car, etc. We advise you to select licensed carriers. For sure you will save money, because there are many scammers waiting to take you double or triple fare. Despite the problems in public transport do not miss to visit this beautiful seaside city that combines modern and old architecture, lots of fun for kids and adults and great beaches.

Facts, Fiction and Money

Facts, Fiction and Money

Very fine stuff is usually there simply for pickup.The next move is to take a look at other good alternatives for earning money. You won’t make a whole lot of money from Tsu.

If you truly want to earn money selling digital goods, then your promotion and marketing should start long in front of a product is ever created! This option also provides buyers a great opportunity to save a little money.

New Ideas Into Money Never Before Revealed

Just like the majority of businesses, this can require some cash. While there are many inconveniences, including not getting your car around money-1308823_640if you need it suddenly, the chance to earn some extra money is extremely appealing. In case you have money difficulties, then you’ve got big troubles.


Item knowledge inside your niche is the sole way you can earn life changing kind of cash online. In the present day and age, greater numbers of people are looking for much more innovative ways of making money fast. The past thing that you want to do in case you have money issues is always to find entangled into even more money issues.

Top Money Secrets

There are various things which are possible to do daily, using your car to make extra money. If you don’t have some cash to begin with, you can earn cash with items which you already own. Money is actually a convention created by man.

How to Choose Money

The transactions that are electronically done are called electronic money. Knowing the exact pile of cash that you might want for the money order, inform the cashier, who’ll also add in virtually any fees before you pay. Note that money orders don’t expire.

Organize Your House and Every Clean-Up will be an Easy-Peasy Task

Organize Your House and Every Clean-Up will be an Easy-Peasy Task

What makes cleaning so unpleasant, I cannot help but wonder. Is it the transcendence of the final results that leaves us super unsatisfied and unmotivated for such an activity in the future? Or is it the essence of the cleaning itself – the idea of scrubbing, washing, and polishing – that makes us sick? The answer of all these question is unclear, but I do believe that is somehow too individual and everyone has its own reasons tocleaning-1294867_640 hate cleaning. But what I think, as well, is that there are homes that simply could be maintained much easier than others and if you spend a little bit more time in planning the interior design of your house, you will be able then to take it easy with the cleaning part. Or differently said, organize your house properly and you will have no trouble when you need to clean up.

The Shelves and Their Functionality

Or more of the lack of functionality. The truth is that the shelves look awesome and that if you put some beautiful objects on the top of them, your house will look fancier and way more sophisticated. However, when you need to perform a random cleaning, you will have to take all those pieces of decoration and clean them separately. You will need to keep them aside then and polish the shelf itself. And if you have to apply this procedure for many such shelves at home, you will hate it for sure.

The Simplicity

The secret of the beauty is too often hidden in the simplicity. You don’t need much so as to live in your house and to feel comfortable, but the truth is that your house does not need much, as well. Do not keep it empty, but keep it simple and it will look stunning and be easily maintained.