The urban transport in Varna, Bulgaria

The urban transport in Varna, Bulgaria

More than 30 million BGN could lose Varna because of gaps in the project “Integrated urban transport”

Incompetence unacceptable gaps and multiple violations of work on the documents for the financing of the second phase of the project “Integrated urban transport in Varna” have noted experts from the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works. This is clear from a letter to the local administration, signed by Deputy Minister Denitsa Nikolova.

The project envisages the purchase of 15 new buses for urban transport in Varna, expansion and repair of roads, construction of 25 “smart” crosswalks, a system for counting traffic and upgrade existing – for real-time information about bus traffic in the city. The value of the project exceeds 30 million BGN.

If the mistakes made by the local administration, are not eliminated by the end of the year, funding may be lost warn of the Regional Ministry.

According the letter of Denitsa Nikolova to the chief secretary to the municipality of Varna Nora Momcheva, sent on December 9 this year, the documentation for the request of free financing the project is incomplete, repeatedly violated rules of operation of the municipal evaluation commission and  important documents are filed negligent .

Other than the observations reflected in the letter are the unacceptable disregard for the mandatory rules for project evaluation. For example, in control documents for verification of potential double funding, it noted that some of the activities overlap with already implemented in other similar projects. The check done by the ministry showed that no such overlap.

The observed substantial differences of the project proposal guidelines to request funding should it be returned for corrections and re-evaluation says Deputy Minister Nikolova to Varna Municipality. Her letter contains the warning that in case of repeated detection of the identified significant deficiencies and violations “Managing Authority of Operational Program” Regional Development “may refuse to grant for the second phase of the project” Integrated urban transport in Varna “.

Notwithstanding the repeated extension of the project, however so far not work either vending tickets nor the system, which must inform the bus traffic in real time. Anyway, the project was reported as completed as the managing authority – the Ministry of Regional Development and the Committee on Transport in Varna Municipal Council.

It seems that public transport is not the most convenient mode of transport in the sea capital Varna. If you are planning a vacation in this city find a different way for Varna transfer. There are transport companies providing transfer services from and to the airport, taxis, rent a car, etc. We advise you to select licensed carriers. For sure you will save money, because there are many scammers waiting to take you double or triple fare. Despite the problems in public transport do not miss to visit this beautiful seaside city that combines modern and old architecture, lots of fun for kids and adults and great beaches.

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Organize Your House and Every Clean-Up will be an Easy-Peasy Task

Organize Your House and Every Clean-Up will be an Easy-Peasy Task

What makes cleaning so unpleasant, I cannot help but wonder. Is it the transcendence of the final results that leaves us super unsatisfied and unmotivated for such an activity in the future? Or is it the essence of the cleaning itself – the idea of scrubbing, washing, and polishing – that makes us sick? The answer of all these question is unclear, but I do believe that is somehow too individual and everyone has its own reasons tocleaning-1294867_640 hate cleaning. But what I think, as well, is that there are homes that simply could be maintained much easier than others and if you spend a little bit more time in planning the interior design of your house, you will be able then to take it easy with the cleaning part. Or differently said, organize your house properly and you will have no trouble when you need to clean up.

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